Tea & Coffee Premixes

Ready Made Garments

Mustared oil,Seed oil & Oil cakes

PVC Cables & Bare Copper Wire

Deep Freezer,Curved Glss Cabinet

Mosquito Repellent Coils

Atta, Maida, Suji

Biscuits & Rusks

Calcium Carbide,Ferro Chrome


Vanaspati Ghee & Edible Refined Oil

Vanaspati Ghee

Oxygen Gas

Plaster of Paris

Corrugated Boxes/ Plastic Granules

Sandalwood Oil

Walnut Export

IMFL & JK Desi Wisky

Cattle Feed

Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas



Tor Steel

Corrugated Boxes & Mono Carton


Plaster of Paris

Re-Rolling of Iron & Steel Products

M.S & G.I. Pipes

Walnut & Walnut Kernels

Aluminum Extrusions

M.Oil & Grease

Steel Doors & Window Frames,Steel Rolling,Shutter,Strips,water tanks,gate & Grill

Edible Oils

Cement Tiles, Cement Blocks

Aluminium Composite Panels

P.V.C Bottels

Pharmaceutical formulations

Conductor of all Types

Flavoured Dry Fruit & Flavoured Chocolates

Flavoured Dry Fruits

Cotton Out Of Waste Yarn

Aluminum Wire Rod, Aluminum Wires, Bars & Alloys

Remote Control

Pharmaceutical formulations

Genset Assemblers/Manufacturer

Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets

Transmission Towers

Plastic Sulli (Cord), Plastic Ropes,

Pet Bottles, Metal/Tin Containers, Pet Jars, Bottle Caps

Plastic Bottles, Caps & Allied Plastic Moulded Articles

Fabric Whitener Liquid

Multilayer,Plastic Laminators

Unif Acl,Menthol Flahis


ACSR Conductors/ Distribution Transformers

Prefabrication Shelters, Steel Structures etc

Iodised Salt

Bottling Of IMFl

Manafacturing of Juices, Jame, Pickle,

Cosmetics (Personal Care Products)


Recycling of Copper Scrap & manufacturer of Copper Ingots

Plastic Moulded Furniture & allied Products

Retreading Of Old Tyers



Steel Tubular Poles,Steel Fabrication


Corrugated Box

Re-Refined Lubricant Oils


Concrete Tiles-Paver-Blocks

Tea Processing

Virtified Tiles

Corrugrated Box

Copper Rod

Shelters & Water Storage Tanks

Ferro Alloys

Menthol & Allied Products

Fertilizer Liquid (Vegetable Fertilizers Liquid &Gronules)

Flexible Packaging Material

Dental Material

Corrugated Boxes

C.IPipe & Pipe Fitting

Silico Manganese

Feed Supplements

Grinding of Wheat & Maize




Water Fittings

Retreading of Tyres

Plasticizer/Polymer Additives & Thiners

Soya Bari

Roasted Dry Fruit

Corrugated Boxes and Duplex Card Board




Cattle Feed

Flexible Packing

Ply Board, Block Board & Flush Door

Bio Fertilizers

Thermoforming Poly Carbonate Products, Plastic Bottles

Corrugated Poly Carbonate Sheets

Plastic Bottles, Plastic Jars, Corrugated Boxes

Dehusking of Paddy & Polishing of Rice

Copper Wire/ Ignots/Strips

Pesticides (Insecticides, Fungicides)


Compound Cattle Feed (Pallated)

Essential Oils

Steel Furniture, Structure, Pre-Feb Huts


Plywood & Boards,

Power Coated Sheet Metal Parh

Wooden Funiture

Plaster of Paris

Thermocol Packing

Aluminum &Zinc Alloys Ignot

Tin Containers

Ferro Silicon

Copper Ingots


Calcium Carbide etc



Zig-Zip Sewing

High density Polythylene Insulated core/cable

Polythylene Insulated Jelly Filled Telephone

T.R.P Compound & Assembling of Moulding Machine

Solvent Mustard Oil out of Mustered Cake

Printed Tin Containers,Plastic Bottels Pet Bottels & Corrugated Boxes

Resin Derivatives

Wall Putty & Tile Adhesivese

Portland Cement

M.S. Pipes, Shartlers Strip, U-Channels etc

Re-Rolling Steel Mill


M.S Ingots

Allopathic Pharmaceutical Peparations


Electonic Weight Machine,Cable TV Equipments

Detergents Powder & Cake

Plastic Poly- barrels, Plastics Carboys & Accessories.

PVC Compunnds

Welding Electrodes


Farro Chrome

Corrugated Boxes

Plastic Moulded Products

Re-Rolling Steel Mill

Polyflim Pouches & Flexible Packing

Leather Shoes

Household Insecticides

Oxygen & Nitrogen Gases

Unbreakable Crockery

Mustard Oils

M.S, S.S. Railing, Gate

Copper Been Coils & Strips

Cadad Cotton,Quilts,Pillows & Mattesses

Pet Perform

Colour Ribbon Cartridges/ Thermal Paper

Cattle Feed

Aluminium/Copper Wires

TMT Steel

PVA Emulision, Visyl Acetate Copolymer


Allopathic Medicine

Wooden, Steel Furniture,

Pencils & Pencil Slates


Allopathic Pharmaceutical Formulation

Welding Electrodes

Copper/Aluminum Wires


Bakery & Namkeen

Rosin & Turpentine Derivatives

Steel Doors & Window Frames, Prefabrication Huts/Shelters etc.


Computers & Software Development

Steel Fabrication

Lead Ingots & Pig Lead Ingot

Biozyme Granules

LDPE Files

Extraction of Cedar Wood Oil

Corrugated Boxes


Corrugated Boxes


Corrugrated Box


Corrugated Card Board etc.


Pesticides, Insecticedes,Fungicides

Pesticides Formulation

Corrugrated Box Hand Made Paper Products

Formulation of Pesticides

Shampoo & Hair Oil

Labels & Mono Cartons

Steel Furniture, Structure, Pre-Feb Huts

Card Board Boxes

Beer,IMFL & Malt Spirit

Water Storage Tanks

Allopathic Pharmaceutical Preparation

Aluminium Composite Panels


Pesticides,Insecticides etc

Rubber Crumb

Assembling of D.G.Sets,


Manufacturing of A.C

Mustard Edible oil

Pet Bottles

Mustered Oil &Oil Cakes

Pet Bottles & Pet Preforms

Mustard Oil

Corrugated Boxes


Walnut & Walnut Kernels

Mustard Oil

Dehusking of Paddy

M.S. Rounds, Flats, Torsteel, M.S. Agles

M.S. Ingot

Mfg./Assembling of Batteries

Poultry & Cattle Feed

Ayurvedic Medicines

Paper Disposable

Pencil Slates

Air Conditioners

Non Toxic Bird Detergent Gel, Lubricant Gel etc.

Pesticides Chemicals

Tablet Coating, Sustained Release, Mask Power

Dissolved Acetylene Gas

Soft Drinks

Flavour & Fragrances


Mustard Oil


Plaster of Paris,Alum

Corrugated Boxes

Writing Paper

Corrugated Boxes

HDPE/PP Thread

Bare & Enamelled Copper Wire

PVC Granules

Soft Drink

Disposable Items

Steel Door, Window profile & fabrication Job Work

Steel Ingots

Plaster of Paris

Duplex Paper

HD/Hm Bags

Bakery Products & Roarting Ground Nuts

Coca & Coca Products



Government Orders



SRO no 92  ||   SRO no 91  ||  SRO no 29  ||   SRO no 30  ||  SRO no 31  ||   SRO no 32  ||  SRO no 33  ||   SRO no 34  ||  SRO no 35  ||   SRO no 36  ||  SRO no 37  ||   SRO no 38  ||  SRO no 41  ||  


Among the six basic principles of the governance underlying the National Common Minimum Programme of the Govt. of India, sustained “economic growth in a manner that generates employment” has a pride of place. It also describes the small scale industries as “the most employment - intensive segment”.

This is indeed so. The small scale industries have a long history of promoting economic growth that is employment-oriented and spatially widespread, and hence inclusive. The contribution of this segment to the economic sinews of the country is no less significant. Nearly 39 percent of the gross manufacturing output and 34 percent of the exports of India arise from these enterprises. During the last four years of the 10th plan, the output of the segment has recorded a real growth rate of 8.87 percent annually. Over six thousand products manufactured by these include several sophisticated items used in high technology areas like nuclear power, missile and space programmes, information technology, biotechnology, etc. The level of exports by this segment also testifies to its overall competitiveness in the global markets

While examining the characteristic features of the economy of J&K State, one comes to the conclusion that the State is economically backward as compared to the other States of the Country. In view of this state of affairs, it is highly essential to diversify its economic structure by developing industries so that the socio-economic conditions of the State are improved. Industry will not only play a significant role in providing employment to a large number of educated youth, it will also give solution to the unemployment crisis through which the state is passing during these days, and also would contribute to raising per capita productivity.

We are aware that ours is a Land Locked State and is severely handicapped due to locational disadvantages. This results in increase in the cost of production as compared to our neighboring States. In order to offset this additional cost, the State Govt. and Govt. of India has provided special package of incentives to the industrial sector so as to make it competitive. However the effect of these concessions cannot be presumed as direct addition in profits.

When State Industrial Policy was introduced w.e.f 1st Feb. 2004, some new elements were introduced:


Developing World Class Infrastructure for speedy industrial development.


Encourage industrialization of the backward blocks of the State.


Encourage existing industrial units to modernize.


Provide incentives on brand promotion keeping in view the role of brands in promoting sales.


Concentrate on thrust areas for development as per the list of Central Govt.

This spirit behind this was to encourage and sustain the existing struggling industry of J&K out of red and simultaneously attract new investments. But unfortunately the desired results could not be attained and we could muster only 3000 Crores of new investments in comparison to 50000 Crores by Himachal Pardesh during the same period.

However, we are convinced that J&K Small Scale Industry has a future. But while looking at the future, certain considerations will need to be kept in mind. The most important is the diversity in the small scale sector. We do realize that there are still some speed breakers on our super-highway to success. The rationalization of the tax structure is one such example. A good deal of reforms has already taken place and some are under way. Even today the single-man unit is subjected to a minimum of 37 inspections, 52 laws and 116 forms and registers. The govt. should try to frame a single legislation for the small scale sector which would reduce procedural hassles and do away with the Inspectorism. An environment should be created where the accent is on trust rather than mistrust ; on facilitation rather than regulation ; and, on togetherness rather than on division, where the words ‘you’ and ‘I’ are replaced by ‘ourselves’.

The foregoing discussion leads to several conclusions:-

1. The role of the government and its agencies is very important in promoting competitiveness of the industry in general and small scale industries in particular.

2. Innovative and tactical ways of protection needs to be devised for providing a period of adjustment to SSI’s and also lending them some breathing space.
3. The govt. should take some financial and tax measures to assist SSI’S such as :

provision of subsidies for R&D costs,
guarantee of loans when extended by the Credit Guarantee Association,
provision of venture capital funds,
tax reduction for capital funds,
loans at low interest rates,
loans for modernization of equipment, and others.

4. Opening of trade routes with Pakistan like R.S.Pura – Sialkot,
Rajouri – Mirpur routes.

5. Setting up “SAARC Knowledge Platform” including areas like e-networks, energy, water, healthcare, agriculture, food processing and capacity building - which will meet the unique needs of regional development and help frame a road map for its time bound implementation.

6. Govt. Mind set has be changed from red- tapism to red carpet welcome to entrepreneurs which will inspire investor confidence and in return boost industrial activities in J&K.

7. For competing internationally, the firms and the entrepreneurs should develop pro-active attitude and approach, and should upgrade technology used in their SSI’s and also focus on upgrading skills and competence of their personnel through appropriate training by developing competence for training needs identification.

8. Entrepreneurs should analyze implications of all international agreements and treaties as well as other international developments in the country, industry and own enterprise.

9. Entrepreneurs should be vigilant on the changes in the factors that affect the product demand, raw material supplies and their prices and fluctuations in the same. Forecasting of these economic parameters for the firm and the industry on a regular basis would help in decisions regarding production planning, human resources management, marketing and strategic decisions like diversification, etc.

10.The SSI’s should undertake ISO 9000 and other quality management
system certifications to achieve the level playing field. Further
entrepreneurs should initiate efforts towards global success and ultimately aim at global leadership.

Thus, the J&K Small Scale Industries can successfully meet the challenge of globalization.

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